★★★★ “Start Swimming radiates a puckishness and sense of mischief that mocks control systems even as it articulate their bleakness. To paraphrase the Dylan song the show presumably takes its title from, we leave with some faith that the times are a-changin. ” Andrzej Lukowski Time Out

★★★★ “The assured, impassioned performances make this play feel raw and vivid.” Susan Mansfield  The Scotsman

★★★★“Uniformly terrific cast.” Ben Kulvichit The Stage


Start Swimming by James Fritz

It’s small versus big. It’s pressures of the future.  It’s everything being stacked against you and all options feeling equally terrible; A show about occupation, revolution and the future of our youth. One step away from disaster, there’s only one instruction: start swimming.

The Young Vic Taking Part’s Parallel Productions, Start Swimming was created in response to the Young Vic production Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere.


Young Vic Theatre & Summer Hall Edinburgh

Creative Team & Cast


Designer: Jacob Hughes
Lighting Designer: Amy Mae
Sound designer & Composer: Max Perryment

Photographer: Helen Murray


Kwabena Ansah, Charlotte Dylan, Filipe Caetano, Adrian David Paul, Emma James, Kimberley Okoye, hana Oliveira, Kaajel Patel, Issac Vincent, Shanice Weekes-Brown and Elanor Williams.