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Ola Ince: ‘Achieving what you want just means you get to dream bigger’

With as many as 92% of the UK’s top theatre leaders are white, many Black theatre makers still feel unwelcome in major venues. We sat down with Ola Ince, a British Theatre Director, to discuss the power of storytelling in helping white audiences confront their own prejudices

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#savethearts: Five industry-leading creatives on why the arts matter

Navigating 2020 has been a corona-coaster. Initially, I was relieved I had the opportunity to slow down (I was juggling multiple international jobs), reflect (I had the opportunity to reconsider my work/life balance) and recover (I was constantly under the weather due to lack of rest, lots of stress and a poor diet). But this relief was followed by heartache. 

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Glass meets director Ola Ince – theatre’s rising star

WHEN Ola Ince was little, she would organise various trips to Jamaica for herself and her cousins – off they’d hop, duvets and all, onto her bed. Her mother has always described this as her “early directing years,” yet she disagrees.

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Elle List’s 50 Game changers of Now 2019.

A celebration of the next generation of law-changers and trailblazers reframing the worlds of fashion, beauty, politics and technology and inspiring the ELLE woman. The ELLE List, brought to you in partnership with Magnum.

The 2019 ELLE List, in association with Magnum, which launches today, is a curated list of emerging talent from around the world including actors, artists, musicians, athletes, activists, photographers, beauty heroes and trailblazers of every kind.

This list marks ELLE’s commitment to using our platform to shout about a brave and brilliant NEW generation who are pushing the needle and changing the world to make it a better place.

From politician Alexandria Ocasio Cortez to fashion designer Bethany Williams every person on The ELLE List has enormous talent, dazzling style, and is disrupting the status quo in 2019.



Scene changers: The Theatre-makers with radical ideas to combat racism.

Many black theatre-makers say they feel unwelcome in major venues. Are some performances for black-only audiences the answer? And how can a play spur white audiences to confront their own biases?

Ola Ince is a young British director in demand. This summer, she was due to stage Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare’s Globe, after directing a UK tour of the hit Royal Court show Poet in Da Corner. A leading light among a new generation of talented theatre-makers, Ince has directed productions around the world. Yet she has not always felt welcome in some British venues. She says she has experienced suspicion, condescension and prejudiced assumptions from audience members, even while attending shows she has directed herself.

“I’m young, female and black, and no one ever thinks I could be in the industry. Some people are really encouraging, as if to say, ‘Well done, little black girl’, but there are others who behave as if they’re thinking, ‘What’s she doing here? I hope she behaves.’ I can’t imagine what it must feel like if you’re a newcomer.”


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